Corporate Commercial and Special Projects

Corporate Commercial and Special Projects | Labor and Employment | Dispute Resolution

Corporate and Commercial

Drawing from American and European influences, Philippine corporate law is a hybrid of civil and common law. In this unique and potentially challenging environment, specialized expertise is absolutely necessary for the success of transactions, the security of investments and the growth of businesses.

We advise a wide range of enterprises, from solo entrepreneurs to multinationals, from venture capitalists to strategic investors, on all legal aspects of their business. We negotiate and document complex business combinations, including joint ventures and consortiums. We obtain special registrations for a variety of legal entities that would entitle them to fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and benefits available under Philippine law.

We have specific corporate expertise in various Philippine industries, including: aviation; online gaming; mineral exploration, mining, oil and gas; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; telecommunications; power, water, and energy; real property and infrastructure; and transportation and logistics.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, involving clients ranging from family-owned businesses to global companies. We have represented bidders, target companies, investment bankers, financial advisors and other types of entities involved in such transactions. We have undertaken takeovers both friendly and hostile.

We handle purchases and sales of shares of stock and assets, management buyouts, recapitalizations and other corporate dealings. Where Philippine nationality requirements apply, we structure and execute acquisitions in a manner that accomplishes our client’s economic goals, and yet remains consistent with law. We advise foreign and domestic participants on cross border transactions. We devise a myriad of structures to help accomplish our clients’ objectives.

Construction & Property

We handle transactions of all magnitudes ranging from investors engaged in small to medium projects, to sizeable and complex transactions involving large-scale construction and property management projects. We can advise all relevant stakeholders, from owners, investors, project managers, lenders and sureties, to consultants, suppliers, design professionals, contractors and engineers.

We also handle litigation, arbitration and mediation of disputes arising from public and private works. We advise on a wide range of issues, including bid protests, defaults, professional liability, construction defects, claims for delay, change order or stop notice and contractor’s liens.


The Philippines is one of the top three locations in the world for business and knowledge process outsourcing, including contact centers, financial research, and shared services. We assist investors in all stages of the industry, from setting up the appropriate entities to obtaining applicable fiscal and non-fiscal incentives under special investment laws.

Also, we advise on operational issues such as voluntary days-off for employees during low call volume, rulings on night time work for female employees, and service level agreements. Supplementing the outsourcing-specific advice, we cover issues relating to general corporate matters, tax planning, immigration and labor compliance.

Banking & Finance

We advise clients on issues ranging from general banking products to project financing, securitization and structured finance. Our lawyers have acted as counsel for developers as well as lenders in major power, infrastructure and other project-finance transactions in the Philippines.

We take a pro-active role in contract negotiations, in developing and refining complex credit and security structures, and in the preparation of various agreements and other documents related to such projects.

Mining and Natural Resources

We have extensive expertise in the field of natural resources. We develop and refine agreements involving the exploration, development and utilization of natural resources. We negotiate and accomplish mineral production sharing agreements and financial or technical assistance agreements with the Philippine government.

We advise on mining, petroleum and land utilization law and help obtain the necessary government approvals. Also, we conduct due diligence on mineral properties, establish investment structures for acquisition of mineral rights and securitize mineral agreements.


We advise on environmental compliance for a broad range of Philippine industries, including mining, oil and gas and power. We handle Environmental Impact System and Environmental Compliance Certificate issues, air emissions, wastewater and water use, noise regulations, hazardous substance (handling, transportation and disposal), export and import of hazardous waste, solid waste disposal, land use and regulatory reporting requirements. We also conduct environmental legal due diligence or audit investigations.

Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce

The developing nature of copyright and intellectual property laws in the Philippines means that companies frequently require enforcement assistance against copyright violation and counterfeiting.

We help clients navigate through the complex issues that often arise when developing, licensing or acquiring information technology. We handle all aspects of information technology and e-commerce transactions, ranging from small, one-time license agreements to technology joint ventures to multiparty global outsourcing deals.

Online Gaming and Related Services

The Philippines is the only jurisdiction in Asia that expressly allows online gaming. Thus, we assist on a broad spectrum of online gambling issues. We assist in obtaining gaming licenses, and advise on the most effective business structure. We render legal services not only to the gaming operators, but to all stakeholders and service providers in the industry, including: odds management; streaming video; customer support; gaming platforms; technical support; website design and graphics providers; payment solutions; customer management and client verification providers.