Our People

The strength of a law firm depends on the strength of its lawyers, and by this measure, our Firm rests on solid foundation. Each of our practice areas is headed by lawyers who, over the long years, have acquired, sharpened, and deepened their expertise in the various fields of law and have taken the pains to understand the needs of clients in the various industries.

Our strength too lies in the ability of our lawyers to work with each other, as a team. The senior lawyers have known each other for many years and are aware and make full use of each other’s strengths.

We also have just the right mix of experience and youth: while we have lawyers who have been actively practicing their craft for more than twenty years, we have lawyers who have recently passed the bar exams and joined our Firm, infusing young blood and expanding and strengthening our ranks.

And last but not least, our lawyers share the same attitudes and set of values towards work and our clients: we believe in serving our clients well and with integrity and honesty, we believe in giving our clients their money’s worth each time they come to us for legal assistance.